He is always there

He’s there in the party, when hilarity rings out,
He’s there, also, if we are decreasing in doubt,
When disaster emanates and a dark cloud forms,
God is there, in the middle of those storms.
He’s there when life is silent, even as we’re bored,
He is there as he promised, our cherished Divine Lord.
When manners of life stop and we can only but cringe,
God’s still there and as we rely becomes our hinge.
“Where is God in this tragedy?” We might well enquire,
God understands us seriously, our most romantic desire,
Whatever we can know we can know this,
God is our suffering he will never dismiss.

Jesus Christ Jesus God Sky Peace Dove Fait


It’s immature though clear for us to say, “How could you allow this to occur, God?” It’s immature because most of us know how this broken world functions. It’s understandable because we’ll grieve losses in this life. We have to, or we become less and less of our authentic selves.

God is there in the middle of each our own lives.

The Lord is inspiring these words as I try to not think.

When a tragedy happens, such as the sudden death of a loved one, we’re so shocked as to barely reckon it possible that we could ever feel this way. We’re blindsided by a feeling for emotion that’s incomprehensible.

When we wonder where life is headed, when something has happened that shifts the whole axis which our planet turns on, we could be forgiven to be polarised in numbness.

Stopped and not able to move, God is there, in the midst of it. But we must understand it by telling ourselves, by opening our mouth, and by communicating with our Lord that hates it when we endure. We bellow or utter angry words or mumblings; God knows all of it.

Our Lord is in the midst of the anguish with us.

Peace in catastrophe comes as we take the mystery of reduction understood through all humankind. It’s what it is. Acceptance is to be the objective of our transition.

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